Tech & Social Inspired Clothing &Accessories

The “geek chic” trend has been around for a while now; however the rise in social media and gaming intake has meant that people are now embracing wearable products that illustrate their influences from technology.

From gameboy bodysuits to @ ringsTwitter tights and hast-tag necklaces; tech inspired fashion will be seen a lot more in the immediate future.

"@ Ring"

The 21st Century Cocktail
2012 see’s the death of the cocktail glass in exchange for cocktail ice lolly’s. These gourmet delights will be available in bars and clubs this Summer. Will you be trying one?

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"Cocktail lolly pops"

The Ice Hotel

Art & Design Group have designed the worlds largest luxury ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. There are 47 enchanting rooms with intricate art pieces and specially carved furniture.

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"The Ice Hotel"